Can I filter my Jersey?

Yes! After you click 'add to cart' you will be asked a couple of questions, including which teams & countries you wish to avoid! We recommend only choosing 3 leagues/nations to avoid, otherwise we may not be able to fulfill your demands. In which case we'll send out whatever jersey we feel is appropriate.

Are your jerseys authentic?

Yes! All of our jerseys are authentic. We’ve never sent a fake shirt out and we pride ourselves on this!

How long will it take to arrive?

Please allow for up to 72 hours for us to hand select your jersey and create your box. Then your item will be posted and will take up to 48 hours to arrive with yourself.

My friends and I ordered a jersey, we want to avoid getting the same jersey!

That’s easy done! When filling out which teams you want to avoid after adding your jersey to cart, enter your friends name and we will ensure you don’t receive the same jersey! Equally if you want the same jersey as them, whether its for 5 aside or a party, let us know!